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While we solve accounts receivable challenges common to all of our clients, we have learned over 90 years of business that every business is unique. Every customer is unique, every office system and procedure is unique and compliance and regulations vary between industries. Our mission is to provide nimble, solutions-oriented accounts receivable services and tailor strategies to meet your specific business needs.

We believe there is nothing more important than







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Payment Resolution

Improve Recovery & Accelerate Cash Flow

You work hard to make your business a success, so don’t let lagging accounts receivables negatively impact your bottom line. BC Services offers payment resolution and collection services to diverse businesses, including (but not limited to): utility companies, financial service providers, government, commercial and healthcare. We are dedicated to increasing your liquidation rates while enhancing your reputation throughout the process. Our payment and resolution services keep your cash flow moving.

Reliability and Results

We monitor and manage consumer interactions to ensure they comply with industry regulations and that we uphold the high levels of customer service you expect. We constantly measure recovery and compliance to ensure our results exceed your expectations.

Early Out Self Pay

Our Self Pay Billing program provides seamless private-pay, after-insurance billing services. We do the work for you—managing your accounts receivables, patient debt, compliance, the staff and technology required to optimize your bottom line performance. Every detail, every day.

Self-Pay Billing—How It Works

  • Your patient accounts are listed directly into our Self Pay Billing system
  • Your account notes and demographics are updated daily to ensure account accuracy
  • All phone calls and payment arrangements are made in your name and payments are directed to you
  • All insurance is re-billed, followed up and verified
  • Weekly remittances ensure steady cash flow

BC Services has always worked on a contingency basis, earning our fees based on our performance.

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Insurance Follow-up
Denials Management

Resolve Unpaid Insurance Claims

It has never been more complicated for healthcare facilities to navigate third party insurance billing. Let us help you navigate the cumbersome process of collecting insurance reimbursement, benefiting both you and your patients. Our highly trained staff specializes in managing and resolving unpaid commercial and managed care insurance claims. While many other companies offer services as vendors, we extend our insurance reimbursement expertise to your business as a trusted teammate.

Minimize outstanding bills. By streamlining the billing and insurance reimbursement process, we can help you collect outstanding payments quickly and easily.

Improve cash flow. We act as an extension of your accounts receivable department managing payment plans, insurance reimbursement and cash flow.

Maintain patient satisfaction. With our services, handling insurance claims and bills becomes an easy, streamlined, process that provides your patients with the help they need, without the hassle! Our continued follow-up and monitoring services handles rebilling, creates secondary claims, and resolves outstanding balances.


Understanding the customer’s propensity to pay is essential to creating effective communication strategies tailored for each person. Our on-site data analyst develops highly accurate algorithms that allow us to accurately predict one’s ability and willingness to resolve unpaid balances.

With this knowledge we are able to:

  • Streamline our communications and only communicate at the right times in the right way.
  • Present options and create the appropriate payment solutions that work for your customers.
  • Provide you predictable outcomes and the ability to include even delinquent account revenue in your budget planning.

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BBB Accredited Business A+ rating
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Soc 2 Type 2 Compliant.
PCI Security Standards Council
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