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BC Services is one of the largest accounts receivable management companies in Colorado with our corporate headquarters located in Longmont. We work with organizations in all 50 states that need expert support managing their revenue cycle and collecting unpaid account balances.

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Our employee tenure is 3x the industry average

About Us

Family owned

At BC Services, we are a family-owned, third-generation company with an employee tenure three times the industry average. Why does this matter to our clients? It means higher levels of commitment to your success and a long-term vision for building long-lasting partnerships. Since your receivables are a critical part of your business, you need a team with the highest levels of commitment and a strategic focus on bottom line profitability.

Average Employee Tenure Industry Average 1.9 years BC Services 5.93 years

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Company timeline, founded in 1925 grew into present time.

Founded in 1925

Since our establishment in 1925 by Lyman Weld, an esteemed attorney and legislator from Colorado, BC Services has been dedicated to surpassing expectations through a steadfast commitment to prioritizing the needs of our clients. For nearly a century, our approach, rooted in positive customer service, has consistently delivered exceptional financial results for our clients.

Early Years

In 1964, the company was purchased by the current owners, marking the beginning of our journey towards expanding our service offerings. In 1969, a significant milestone was reached as the company acquired the Credit Bureau of Longmont, establishing itself as a reputable Consumer Credit Reporting Agency. Further bolstering our offerings, in 1976, Check Rite became a valued addition to our suite of services. Throughout this transformative period, the company operated under the name “Bonded Collection Service, Inc.”


During the 1990s and 2000s, BC Services directed its efforts towards delivering heightened levels of specialized expertise. In 1994, we initiated our Insurance Management Division to augment our service portfolio, followed by the introduction of our Healthcare Resource Management (HRM) program in 1997, catering to third-party billing services for private-pay healthcare accounts. The transformation into BC Services, Inc in 1998 marked a pivotal moment, preserving our foundational Bonded Collection roots and principles.


From our humble beginnings, BC Services has experienced exponential growth, culminating in the establishment of our cutting-edge and environmentally sustainable headquarters in Longmont, Colorado in 2016. Throughout our history, we’ve prioritized providing the utmost security and employing the latest technology to ensure unparalleled service, a commitment that continues to drive us forward. Today, as one of the largest employers in our county, BC Services stands as a beacon of innovation and growth within our community.


Fostering a passionate, committed team is at the heart of driving results for our clients. Our core values, while admittedly simple, keep us focused on what is important—ensuring your financial health.


Innovative solutions only happen with a deeper understanding of the challenge. We listen. Ask deeper questions. This results in strategic solutions tailored to you and your customers.

Be Accountable

At BC Services being accountable to our clients means producing measurable results. We gather survey data from your customers to study satisfaction levels, produce detailed reporting and ultimately generate strong and consistent revenue growth.


How we communicate, when we communicate and which channel we use to communicate is an art and science. Our data-driven communication strategies are tailored for each unique customer.

Be Respectful & Compassionate

Our warm, compassionate, customer service is a result of extensive training. We are intentional about investing in continual education for our employees focused on the art of hospitality.



Over the last five years
we have served 2,400
clients throughout the country.


Today, our clients span 50 states in four major industry sectors–healthcare, financial services, government and utilities.

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Awarded by Inside ARM: One of the Best Places to Work

BC Services
Certifications & Accreditations

BBB Accredited Business A+ rating
ACA International
Longmont Economic Development Partnership
Soc 2 Type 2 Compliant.
PCI Security Standards Council
NaVOBA Certification